About US

Who we are?

We are a Srinagar, Kashmir based locally owned and operated travel company dedicated to providing best in class services and carefully crafted travel arrangements for our guests travelling to Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. For some, vacations are not just about visiting a new place and doing check –in-the-box activities; it is about experiencing a new way of life, making great memories, learning new cultures and much more. For us, it’s about showcasing the beauty of our land and its culture with the knowhow of local people.

What do we do?

We work ethically with our guests in planning, coordinating and executing their trip while striving hard to create a safe, efficient, cost-effective travel itinerary to different parts of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. We provide fully customized and theme based travel itineraries for solo travellers, couples, friends, families, senior citizens, groups, and even corporates. From walking alongside the banks of Dal Lake or trekking up to the alpine snow fed lakes standing tall at 14000 feet, Roosket will lead the way for you.

Why travel with us?

Local expertise blended with top technology to make your Kashmir trip the most memorable and the safest one. Our Legendary hospitality needs no storytelling. Travellers come, travellers go yet the traditional and cultural heritage of serving guests always remains a pride for us. Unique features in our app like locally guided maps, offline capabilities, itineraries, currency converter, world clock, language translator and much more to take away your worries while in Kashmir We work closely with local government bodies to ensure safety and wellbeing of our guests as well taking careful measures to protect and sustain our environment Above all, we are locals and know the best spots, places and pocket friendly deals for our guests.

Why Visit Kashmir?

A valley between the Great Himalayan and the Pir Panjal mountain range “Kashmir”, also known as “Paradise on Earth” with its snowcapped mountain peaks, charming landscapes, gusting rivers, calm lakes, flaming chinar, and high altitude trekking routes makes Kashmir an ultimate destination for travellers across seasons from around the globe seeking serenity of this place, finding peace or even going on an adrenaline pumping adventure trip. Kashmir unravels its versatility and exquisite beauty as the seasons change. The colourful and vibrant blossoms in the spring and ever-resplendent greenery in the summers to the poetic and fairytale Autumn, when green turns into gold and then to russet and red. Come winters, the entire valley engulfs itself with a white blanket of snow making it more picturesque and grand. Add to it, the unique culture of Kashmir and warm nature of the locals makes any visit to Kashmir a memorable one. Kashmir has everything to offer to its guests, be it honeymooners finding a perfect place to hide, an adventurer with plethora of activities waiting for them, an angler casting for sport fish or even a spiritually inclined person searching for peace and serenity. Come to Kashmir, take a deep breath and feel the fresh cold air seep into your lungs, cradle a warm cup of Kahwah tea and just let the green, orange and red leaves of Chinar trees wash away all your worries. Feel your heartbeat with the gush of jewel-blue waters and watch the unimaginable beauty of Kashmir unfold infront of you in every step and place you visit. Take perfect pictures, chill with your family, go crazy with your friends or even play golf while on a business trip, we have got all covered for you. Welcome to our “HOME, LAND AND PRIDE”, welcome to Kashmir!


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