Customised Kashmir Trip

26-Feb-2021, 06:42 AM

Have you ever thought of having a trip designed and packaged for you specially suiting your choice, your convenience and your budget? Roosket understands that every traveller has different travel plans when they come to Kashmir. For some, travelling is an avenue to see new places, for others, it is an opportunity to chill with family and friends away from the hum-drum of regular life. There are a few travellers who visit Kashmir for adventure while a few come for angling. Some visit Kashmir as a ‘tick-in the box’ travel activity and for some it is dream come true. For all these different type of travellers, Roosket has the perfect answer—power to make choices and customize their own travel plan.

With the best deals in the market and abundance of options, backed by solid traveller review, Roosket gives the power to the travellers to carve a travel plan to make their memories special. The advantages are clear, guests go when they want to go, where they want to go and with whom they want to go with. These customized tours also guarantee the guest an exclusive and unique experience in which creation they participated in. The final result is a unique and fitted trip


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