The Sound of Silence

05-Jan-2021, 10:32 AM

Have you ever heard the sound of silence? Some say silence is loud because our thoughts fill our senses while others say silence is when peace fills our heart and soul. But the truth is that many of us have never felt or heard silence ever in our daily life. How can we?  Even in the deepest of jungles, birds chirp, trees rustle…in the quietest of the hill stations, winds blow though the pine leaves making beautiful chiming sounds but that’s not the sound of silence.

If you want to hear the sound of Silence, visit Kashmir in Winters when there is nothing except a deep blanket of snow all across the valley. And when the snow falls softly on this blanket, it feels magical. You can only hear your breathing, your heart at peace with the snow all around you, the cold enveloping you in its embrace and your city-tired soul finally heaving a sigh of relief. To top it all, a cup of hot Kahwa in hand just adds more, much more to this peaceful moment.

Snow covered Chinar trees, frozen Dal lake, people wearing colourful Pherans and carrying Kangri in their hands…all scenes that are going to leave you mesmerized with this paradise on earth. And when one has had a moment or two to take in these peaceful vista, there are so many thrilling activities that are available to the visitors in Kashmir. From skiing in Gulmarg to horse riding in Pahalgam to snow trekking in Sonmarg… so much to do that even a lifetime is far too less. For those who want to take it slow, making snowman is the perfect way to play with the fresh soft snow. Don’t blame us, if snowman making turns into snow fight with your friends and families!!

Kashmir has always been a delight to visit throughout the year. There is always something new to see each season. But winters is a major tourist season in Srinagar where tourists throng from all across India and the world to see the beauty of this valley shrouded with a blanket of snow. It looks like a fairy tale in real life.

Apart from the scenic beauty and the thrilling adventure sports, tourists are also pampered with the delectable Kashmiri cuisine that is specially made during winters. Crispy trout fishes, rich lamb gravies, Harissa and warm bread early in the morning and bowls of chestnuts with sips of Kahwa and noon-chai to warm up throughout the day.

Visit Kashmir in winter to have an enchanted travel experience filled with fun-filled memories. Travel across the valley and experience different moods of Kashmir from Srinagar to Gulmarg to Pahalgam to Sonmarg and so much more. Travel to Kashmir to not only see and play in snow but to experience peace as well. So, are you still in the “THINKING MODE” to visit Kashmir this winter? Get on to “LET’S DO THIS” mode with Roosket on your side!


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